Thursday, March 27, 2014

Attending TICAL 2014

Today, I had the opportunity to attend the TICAL 2014 Conference. TICAL ( Technology Information Center for Administrative Leadership). Sitting in my "comfies" at my dining-room table, I entered a world of cool ideas, opportunities, and wonders and that world was filled with creative thinkers, early adopters, and passion-based learners.  Each webinar I attended, I had many take aways (e.g., setting up my classroom to be a working laboratory of tinkers, thinkers, reflectors, doers, and rebels; having students take pics and video of their lab set up and experiment; how to take a vision and implement it).

Most importantly - I was learning with teachers around the world with similar beliefs and passions.  It was so refreshing to hear that a lot of what I do in my class is also going on in other classrooms - it makes me feel less alone.  So, instead of having to use the "I" statements, I can use the "WE" statements, like:

* We believe that students should drive the curriculum
* We believe that students should have voice and choice
* We believe that students have the ability to learn 
* We believe that learning is a messy, creative, reflective, process
* We believe that above all, having a strong relationship with students leads to their success

I truly am pumped up after this conference and appreciate what was shared and am happy to share with everyone! I hope to bring many of the ideas that I learned into my classroom - and I can't wait to see what will happen!