Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Set a goal

Hello my propitious 8th graders, 

         Yesterday, we learned valuable lessons from Sam Berns z"l, the 17 year old boy with Progeria, who passed away earlier this week (some of you who attend Temple Israel in Sharon may have recognized him). Watching his talk, hearing his words, you commented on how well-spoken, smart, intelligent, and insightful he was. You were also impressed on how his outlook on life - that his disease did not rule him. 

        One of his lessons he relayed was to set a goal and reach for it - be it to do your best on the upcoming test, learn to rebound the b-ball better, go to Israel with your classmates, or learn to be more patient. Regardless of the magnitude of the goal, Sam was stating that by setting goals, we learn and grow - by achieving them, and by learning when we don't reach them the first time. And that's ok for that is how we grow to become contributors to society and all humankind.

       Tonight, I encourage you to share with your parents what your take aways were from Sam's talk (if you have not done so already). And think about what goal do you want to set for yourself.

       Erev Tov,

        Mr. M.